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Welcome To Widiane

Morocco’s Premier Sporting Estate


Thrilling hunting, shooting and fishing in heart of the Atlas Mountains


Luxury hotel and lodge accommodation in the centre of the hunting grounds


Every group has exclusive use of the estate for the duration of their stay

A Sporting Paradise

Located in Morocco’s Azilal province, the sprawling 70,000-hectare Widaine Estate flanks the picturesque Lake Bin El Ouidane in the Atlas Mountains. This rugged terrain is a haven for sporting enthusiasts, home to an exceptional range of game species like Barbary partridges, quail, doves and wild boar. The estate’s 1,300-hectare lake offers not only stunning views but also opportunities for thrilling fishing experiences.

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In the press and on film

Widiane Chasse has garnered significant attention in the press and on film, captivating audiences worldwide with its stunning vistas and thrilling hunting experiences. Featured in prestigious hunting, shooting and fishing publications and documentaries, it has become a symbol of Morocco’s rich natural beauty and hunting heritage.

The press often highlights the unique blend of adventure and conservation efforts at Widiane Chasse, showcasing the responsible approach to hunting practiced by visitors and the local community. Documentaries offer a deeper insight into the intricacies of the hunting experience, capturing the excitement of the chase and the profound connection with nature.

Through these media platforms, Widiane Chasse has become a sought-after destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Its portrayal in the press and on film serves to inspire exploration and appreciation for Morocco’s diverse ecosystems while promoting sustainable tourism practices. As a result, it continues to attract visitors seeking unforgettable experiences in the heart of North Africa’s wilderness.

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